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Here's why:

  1. we can house people IMMEDIATELY, with room to grow sustainability

  2. we can start making revenues right away

  3. it can flex with our needs

  4. it can create a return on investment better than straight housing, even mixed-income housing.

  5. it can help us begin a brand that provides affordable luxury, helping our patrons be our partners in Doing More Good!


DMG is aiming to provide safe, affordable, and inclusive housing for people who are facing barriers. We envision some collaborative intentional development on the Michener North Site in Red Deer to make this idea a reality. But, we also have our sights on purchasing a hotel to get some housing going. Many might ask, why a hotel?

DMG Inn and Suites
Whether you are interested in investing or donating, or both:

Click on the Hotel Business Case button below for the opportunities we envision to help you Do More Good and make a return on your investment.

Hotel Business Case


Community Action Framework

More than a Hotel

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How to Get Involved

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