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Here's why:

  1. we can house people IMMEDIATELY, with room to grow sustainability

  2. we can start making revenues right away

  3. it can flex with our needs

  4. it can create a return on investment better than straight housing, even mixed-income housing.

  5. it can help us begin a brand that provides affordable luxury, helping our patrons be our partners in Doing More Good!


DMG and HeARTh are aiming to provide safe, affordable, and inclusive housing for people who are facing barriers. We envision some collaborative intentional development on the Michener North Site in Red Deer to make this idea a reality. But, we also have our sights on purchasing a hotel to get some housing going. Many might ask, why a hotel?

DMG Inn and Suites

      It's Happening!

As announced on May 10, we have been approved for a $1,900,000 Grant toward the purchase and renovation of a hotel/motel in Red Deer. We will be able to provide 40 suites with long term rentals at affordable rates for low income individuals. the remaining suites will continue to be operated as hotel/motel business. The hotel business will provide a few employment options,  sustainability dollars,  and revenues to continue to develop more residential and employment opportunities. These will be created from hotel operations, renovation, land development, meal services, a shuttle service, and art and crafting products for the hotel and to sell. 


 Unfortunately, in this location, we will not be zoned for supportive or supported residential living. We are hoping to make dollars through the operation of this integrated, mixed income project to go toward supporting the development of more specialized residential services.  Our target tenants will be individuals that are on AISH, a pension,  or are underemployed who want a safe, stable place to live and build a supportive community together, have employment opportunities, and be removed from the "core" of Red Deer.

For now, we are seeking independent individuals who either don't need supports, or who have support from other sources and are going to be able to live in a mixed use environment safely and respectfully.  Seniors and senior couples who would like to have housekeeping and meal services available. Individuals that are on the other side of treatment and want a clean environment away from pressures to relapse. Individuals who are interested in employment opportunities that our renovations and operations can provide, to help them bridge into the workforce with relationships with trades, skill building and re-learning, and recommendations and references. 

We are  still securing our financing, but things are looking good. It is a process to fulfill the grant requirements and we have some hoops still to jump through. When the time is right, we will begin to connect with agencies, seek referrals, and advertise our bachelor/studio suites with great parking and start building a nice little community of folks who want to help each other live their best lives and continue to move toward their dreams and goals. 

For now, we are looking for interested trades, suppliers, and others who are willing and able to help us keep our renovation costs down so that more of our dollars can go toward keeping our financing costs to a minimum. This will enable us to have more revenues to put toward developing more housing and supports options to meet community needs, create more employment opportunities through the development of businesses and expand our brand to other communities to start this process and help people stay in their home towns. This is our flagship project, our "little engine that could," and we hope that you will join with us in helping it to become a very effective part of the solutions to ending homelessness and the cycles that lead to it. 

If you are interested in investing or donating, or collaborating:

Community Action Framework

More than a Hotel

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How to Get Involved

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