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More than a hotel

Long Term Housing Option: A place to call home for people who are in the process of exiting homelessness, addiction, and/or mental health treatment who are serious about recovery and looking for a place that is safe, clean, and stable. Providing the backdrop to develop a supportive peer community, work experience, and job opportunities. These connections will bridge into future careers and community integration.

Varied Participant Base: Our ideal residents range from single/ couple adults, to  seniors, wanting to live alone or looking for a supportive roommate. Whether they are in recovery, or looking for an economic leg up, all are welcome who are willing to live respectfully and safely, in a supportive community environment.

Backbone Business: DMD Inn and Suites will produce revenue for the continuing development and support of the local continuum of care through providing a quality service. This will be backed by the entire tenant community, allowing personal and communal investment in creating empowerment and opportunities.

The Start of a Social Benefit Hospitality Brand: Partnering and collaborating with Alberta Tourism and communities across the province (and beyond) to develop similar projects to help meet local needs.

Part of a Larger Cooperative: Partnering and collaborating with multi-sector service agencies, public institutions, businesses, investors, communities, religious groups, and three levels of government, locally and province-wide.

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