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Music For Good 
Musical Fundraiser

For over two decades Deborah has been writing and sharing her music with a limited audience, moving, inspiring and giving a voice to many. And for almost that same amount of time she has been working to build community supports with limited budgets, at the whim of political tides and government funding and amidst the challenges of local engagement.

If we can get enough people to purchase, download, and share her music, there will be more money to go toward building the kinds of community supports she knows need to happen.


Sharing some wisdom, hope and joy, and making money to help make good things happen is what it's all about for this lady.

We hope you will join us in making things better by participating in this Musical Fundraiser. Enjoy!

Ways to participate:

Donate any amount to help fund community supports
Purchase and download the albums
like & follow us on social media & Share our content!
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Stream "Human" and "not in my backyard" singles on your favorite streaming service

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