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DMG MUSICAl fundraiser

Purpose: Have some fun, connect with musicians, songwriters, producers, promoters and technicians, create opportunities to develop promote and sell our music, DO MORE GOOD by donating part of the proceeds to community social benefit projects through an ongoing fundraiser. 


How we do it: 

  • Create a community of music oriented people

  • Jam and develop songs.The quality would need to be pretty good for this

  • Create local albums, eclectic or genre based compilations and singles, featuring local artists.

  • Use community networks to  market them

  • Develop events to promote the music and create awareness for the causes/social benefit purposes we are supporting. 


How it works to benefit everyone: 

  • Portions of the proceeds go to pay the artists, musicians, technicians, etc. and the balance goes to support a local social benefit projects. 

  • E.g. sell a song for 1.20 (Come on, it's a fundraiser!) or an album for  15.00 - If we worked on 35 songs and sold each to 100,000 people, this would raise 4.2 million dollars with little cost for the “donors” of our fundraiser, but great value for their money. Then, percentages go to the writer, musicians, producers, promoters with the remaining amount going to fundraiser

  • 70 cents per song to the fundraiser- with 35 songs bought by 100,000 people, at that rate will bring in 2,450,000.- we could pay for half of our hotel and a years worth of expenses for that!

  • That leaves 1.75million to be divided among all of the people who helped make the songs happen. 

  • Per song, the remaining .50 would be split as appropriate to honour the contributions of all involved. 

  • Keeping a portion, maybe 5 or 10 cents per song for house costs- renting studio space, buying equipment, hiring musicians, promotion, website. Could be up to 350,000 for 35 songs.

  • Revenues for each song could be split 5 ways at 10 cents each, or 10 ways at 5 cents each. That 5 cents translates to 5000 from one song if sold to 100,000 people. Depending on how many ways it is split, a person could earn up to 20,000 for one song. 

  • Even with the same 100,000 people, no one is paying more than 50 bucks for all of the songs. We know our networks can reach out farther than that. And we know some of these songs will be blockbusters that go farther still and bring in more money for all involved. 

  • We are promoting local artists, giving musicians and technicians opportunities and we are making money for a good cause. Each one helps to sell the other. 

  • The work and fun is in making the music and sharing the songs through specially organized events or showcasing at community events (would help promote community activities). 

  • Then the majority of the fundraising part is in networking and getting people to buy the tunes. It doesn’t cost the people much money, and they are getting something of value for it


We have the talent base, community social benefit mindset, and expertise to do this. 

What we need: 

  • A group of willing people from the music community who can work on spec

  • Connections to the music community

  • Spaces and times to workshop, develop and record

  • Support in reaching out to networks for marketing and promotion for the quickest turnaround possible


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