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HOw to Get involved

You can get involved through the Cooperative, as an ongoing specialized collaborator, or as a one-time contributor 

  • Cash Donation: charitable receipt provided (through our partners with charitable status, until we have it)

  • Goods and supplies: before you throw it out, think of us and our projects! (charitable receipt provided)

  • Combination Donation & Investment: Donate some (charitable donation receipt provided) and invest the rest with a 3-4% interest. This method offers a higher rate of return on your investment.

  • Full Investment: (2% to 2.5% for longer amortization)

    • Interest-only payments for a specified period with designated cash-out points available.

    • Long term investment opportunities as properties and businesses increase in value.  

    • Opportunities to turn your initial investment in the hotel into an equity ownership in new businesses as we re-invest revenues from the hotel to start enterprises that will provide jobs for people and more revenues toward more buildings. 

    • Mortgage type repayment, with potential accelerated payment option with increased revenues

(30% tax credit on investment for participating in Cooperative Capital raising)

  • Board of Directors/Advisory Board/Steering Committee: Opportunities provide various levels of responsibility and contribution. 

  • Be a Collaborative Program Partner: Provide services and support in-house or in your building to strengthen empowerment and opportunity networks

  • Space in Your Buildings: Provide a space for free or at a reduced price to help a new business, or to store donated materials. (for tax-receipts)

  • Volunteering as Groups: Promote team-building through volunteering with our projects. Your volunteer hours help us with grants

  • Professional Expertise: Provide free or reduced costs, giving momentum to current projects. 

  • Marketing and Promoting: Collaborating with our enterprises to enhance the scope of our market and increase our success

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Contact us below for more info or to let us know what works for you

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