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social benefit housing

Social Benefit Housing means more than just building more housing units. It means providing ways for helping people stay in their units, reducing risk for landlords, supporting self-reliance, mutual accountability, empowerment, and independence.

Our plan is to start locally and then branch out to smaller surrounding communities, inviting collaboration and investment in following the opportunities in these areas: 

  • Hotel- run hotel business as a "backbone business" and increase revenues as much as possible 

    • Invite philanthropic participation toward a sustainable project

    • Expand business opportunities for more revenues and opps for participants

    • Create a brand that attracts business and can be repeated in other communities

      • Quality, luxury experience at reasonable prices

      • Social benefit

      • Use local- promote and support local businesses in each location

      • Create a family atmosphere, home away from home

  • Plan and deploy housing as per need and opportunity

    • Explore provincial and federal land and property partnerships

    • Find good deals on land and/or buildings

    • Work with neighbourhoods and community to determine needs

    • Apply mixed- market and mixed-income strategies for sustainability

  • Creatively retrofitting and renovating buildings and properties into "purpose-built communities"

    • Preserve history

    • Upgrade for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability

    • Create added value for neighbourhood need and integration opportunity for tenants

    • Provide job opps for participants and other community members

  • Property management for social benefit

    • Opportunities for senior property owners or those who want hands-off but will accept lower returns with protection and even development of their investment in order to help someone else

    • Create a "stable" of units to support and supplement each other

    • Manage our own buildings as well as those of other agencies who don’t want to manage properties they own

    • Develop homeownership opportunities

    • "Matchmaking" tenants and landlords creatively and safely

  • Create employment and business opportunities through housing-related and success supporting activities

    • related businesses that provide services to our housing development and property management activities
      • construction and renovation/redeeming spaces

      • landscaping

      • cleaning

      • moving

      • design and décor

    • businesses based on opportunity, market needs,  and the interests of ourselves and our clients to provide economic sustainability to our tenants and assist them toward homeownership where possible

      • music production

      • film production

      • online marketplace

      • crafts and folk art

      • organic gardening, alternative farming

      • restaurant and food services

      • low-cost food co-op

      • daycare

      • furniture reclamation 

      • grass-roots publishing

      • facilitation services

      • community alignment services and resources

    • businesses that fit in the communities we are helping, based on need and opportunity

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