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Social Benefit Co-operative

  •  We are seeking organizations and businesses that want to work together in a formal agreement to pool selected resources and increase opportunities for each other while helping important and good things happen in the community for others. 

    • Use and promote each other’s goods and services to further mutual ends

    • Everyone brings something to the table to help “home grow” successful outcomes

    • Develop business opportunities that benefit all

    • Take advantage of government programs

    • Generate local wealth- through mutual investment opportunities, operational savings, creating efficiencies, marketing and networking

    • Decrease dependence on outside sources to make things better in our communities

  • Garner investment through a united voice and effort

    • Social and Housing Bonds

    • Helping each other and communities revitalize and repurpose older buildings

    • Business investment

    • Collaborative projects

  • Develop businesses that compliment and support each other, or integrate with other community opportunities

  • Community self-reliance programs and resources

  • Charter school campuses

  • Self-sustaining Community expressive arts studios

  • Self-sustaining food production- support the development of opportunities and technologies to augment the work we do to help the community and provide increased economic gains

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