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PDD Areas of Support


Supporting social enterprise in our program allows our participants to thrive and make their own money. Work-ability is developed through support and encouragement. Work preparedness is supported with a job coach.

Community Access

Exploring the community and abundance of activities in the area gives great opportunity to take care of personal health needs, access community supports for individual goals, develop social skills, confidence, inclusion, and a strengthened positive social network.

Independent Home Support and Supported Living

We offer comfortable, family-style home situations where our participants can develop a sense of belonging, are active and receive the love, support, and care we all deserve, as well as the opportunity to be accountable and contributing to that home "family". We also support individuals in their own housing through independent living support, as per their funding focuses.


We all need a break for the systems we ascribe too. We offer respite to parents/guardians, giving opportunities for self-care time or attending to other family business. During the day with our day program or overnights and weekends within our residential settings.


We have designed the SHOP to be a hub of social activity and community integration in a supported, safe environment where individuals can explore relationships, have leadership opportunities and engage in numerous activities for recreation, learning, some free and some paid. Many participants and local agencies use our space to meet their social needs, and we constantly striving to create offerings to increase opportunities for inclusion and contribution.

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